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Welcome to the Partha Pratim Jana's Research Group

Group News

  • 24.11.23 : Congratulations to Achintya for winning the prize for the Best Oral Talk at 50th National Seminar on Crystallography.

  • 19.10.23 : Congratulations to Parna for receiving the prestigious PMRF fellowship.  

  • 28.09.23  : Congratulations to Arnab for winning the prize for the Best Poster (Runner-up) at 2023 Solid State Chemistry Group ECR conference organized by the RSC.

  • 25.09.23  : A. Dutta's article has been accepted for publication in Inorganic ChemistryCongratulations to the authors.

recent publications

  • Role of partial vacancy and structural distortion in the stability of non-stoichiometric phases Ni7-δInSe2-xSx (1.26≥ δ ≥ 0.94; 0 ≤ x ≤ 1.33). A. Dutta, K. Buxi, A. Lakshan, A. Mondal, F. Wang and P. P. Jana* Inorganic Chemistry(2023).

  • Atomic Distributions of Ag and In in the γ-Brass type Ag9In4. K. Buxi, S. K. Kuila, A. Roy, and P. P. Jana*. Journal of Solid State Chemistry (2023).



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