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Welcome to the Partha Pratim Jana's Research Group

Group News

  • 05.04.23  : S. Kuila and Harshit's article has been accepted for publication in Inorganic ChemistryCongratulations to the authors.

  • 30.03.23  : K. Buxi's article has been accepted for publication in Journal of Solid State ChemistryCongratulations to the authors.

  • 20.12.22  : A. Lakshan's article has been accepted for publication in Inorganic Chemistry.  Congratulations to the authors.

  • 14.12.22 : Congrats Amit for receiving best poster award in Modern Trends in Molecular Magnetism (MTMM-2022).

recent publications

  • Ni3InSb: Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Electronic Structure and Magnetic Properties.  S. Kuila, Harshit, N. Roy, S. Ghanta, R. Pan, K. Buxi, P. Pramanik, A. K. Bera, B. Saha, S. Yusuf, V. Petricek, A. Roy, and P. P. Jana*. Inorganic Chemistry.

  • Structural and theoretical investigations on the “coloring” scheme of γ-brass type phase Ag5Cd8. K. Buxi, A. Mondal, F. Wang and P. P. Jana* Journal of Solid State Chemistry.



Most of Dr. Jana´s projects revolve around intermetallics as these tend to be particularly susceptible to aperiodic phenomena. Their structure determinations have posed exciting crystallographic problems: superstructures, modulation, twinning, quasicrystalline order, etc. A state-of-the-art crystallographic method, such as superspace modeling is employed to solve these challenges.

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