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Group News

  • 24.10.22  : Mr. Rahul Pan received prestigious PMRF award 2022... Congratulations!!!!

  • 13.10.22  : Congratulations to Sivaprasad and Amit for publication in Journal of Alloys and Compounds.

  • 06.09.22  : Congratulations on shining bright and scoring this PhD Degree. Congratulations Dr. Nilanjan Roy!!! Best wishes for the future.

  • 22.07.22  : N. Roy's article has been accepted for publication in European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry.  Congratulations to the authors.


recent publications

  • ​Atomic site preference, electronic structures, and magnetic properties of γ-brass type pseudo-binary Mn2Zn11–Ni2Zn11 at high Mn-contents. S. Ghanta, A. Mondal,  A. Das,  R. Dey, M. D. Silva, J. Pham, A. K. Bera, B. Saha, S. M. Yusuf, J. Dolinšek and P. P. Jana*. Journal of Alloys and Compounds

  • Selective Chemical Substitution of Cu in the Structure of TiAl3 Type InPd3: Experimental and Theoretical Studies N. Roy, S. K. Kuila, Harshit, P. Pramanik and P. P. Jana*. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry