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05.05.22 : N. Roy, Harshit article has been accepted for publication in Journal of Solid                           State Chemistry.  Congratulations to the authors.

28.02.22  : Happy to share a paper authored by Nilanjan Roy, Harshit and Amit Mondal has                     been accepted in ZAAC. Congratulations to the authors.

20.12.21 : Congratulation Dr. Biplab Koley  for receiving the  PhD                                Degree from Department of Chemistry IIT Kharagpur !!!

22.10.21   : Hearty Congratulations Mr. Siddha, selected for prestigious Prime                  Minister Research Fellowship- 2021.


13.10.21   Happy to share a paper authored by Biplab Koley and Achintya Lakshan has                         been accepted in EJIC. Congratulations to the authors.

08.10.21 : Congratulation Dr. Sivaprasad Ghanta  for receiving the  PhD                        Degree from Department of Chemistry IIT Kharagpur!!! We wish                  you all the best in Sweden. Bon Voyage.

02.09.21 : Nilanjan Roy's work got accepted in Journal of Solid State                            Chemistry . Congratulations to the authors.

27.08.21 : We have moved to our new lab (Acharya P. C. Roy Science Building, 4th Floor,                     Tower A).Lab No: 410; PPJ Office: 404


02.08.21 : Warm welcome to our new members (Mr. Rahul Pan, Mr. Subinoy Samanta) who                   have joined our group for their doctoral studies! Best wishes to them.

23.02.21 : Congratulation Dr. Samiran Misra for receiving the  PhD Degree from                                  Department of Chemistry IIT Kharagpur!!!

10.06.19 : Congrats Mr. Suraj Mahato for receiving the opportunity of PhD at University of                         Oxford. 

18.02.19 :  GIAN course: Co-ordinator: Dr. P. P. Jana

                  Structure solution, refinement and interpretation of difficult inorganic structures                     by Jana2006

28.09.18 :  Subhadip Mallick, M.Sc project student has moved  to University of Oxford for                    PhD.