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Research Interest

Most of Dr. Jana´s projects revolve around intermetallics as these tend to be particularly susceptible to aperiodic phenomena. Their structure determinations have posed exciting crystallographic problems: superstructures, modulation, twinning, quasicrystalline order, etc. A state-of-the-art crystallographic method, such as superspace modeling is employed to solve these challenges. In the recent past, quite a few incommensurately modulated structures have successfully modeled. To understand the stability of synthesized phases, electronic structure calculations and chemical bonding analysis in real space are performed. Currently research scholars working in the group have been working on various complexes intermetallic phases in Zn-, Cd- and Pd-rich systems. 

Project Funds:

1.  Development of new complex metallic alloys(CMAS) in Cd-rich phases [ 2015-18,  ISIRD]

2.  Synthesis, structural & transport properties of quasicrystals and related quasicrystal approximants in Zn-rich intermetallics [2016-19, SERB]

3.      Early Career Research Award (ECR) (completed)

4.    Collaborative research scheme under UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific research (CRS-M-312): 01/04/2020- 

5.     Core Research Grand (CRG): 2020-

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